Review of I'm Gonna Take Your Girl Single by The Loungs

The Loungs;
m Gonna Take Your Girl
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The Loungs I'm Gonna Take Your Girl Single

This is a "faint heart never won fair maiden" endorsing, soulful and jazzy sojourn into the world of a clear and concise St. Helens six piece. A cosmic feel attaches itself to their debut single to make it elevating and relaxing, indubitably aided by the diverse accompaniment.

A bubbly and bouncy 90 second offering 'Seen My Baby Dancing' possesses the harmless frivolity of the Beach Boys, to make for a warm and friendly introduction to this coated outfit. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of them.

David Adair

Catch The Loungs live;

04/03/2006; Windmill, Brixton

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