The Human Value
The Korova, Liverpool
Live Review

The Human Value

The Human Value results from the Vocals of Turu, the guitar and vocals of Hiram and the percussion of Lynnae Hitchcock. They combine to proffer a snappy selection of new wave, raw pop and expansive prog rock. By picking off elements of Blondie this teasing trio makes that sound even more palatable for the 21st Century, with the cutting 'She' exemplifying this point perfectly. The tempting trio descends upon the Korova on the 20/09/2006, two days after the release of their single 'Give Me', to play alongside the Wigan wayfarers of Moco and The Roulletters, as part of a Vox Populi event.

The Human Value hail from the West Coast of the United States, but possess a cosmopolitan feel to them that helps them to fit in anywhere and adds to the intrigue of their live sets. Sure to be a highlight is the above mentioned 'Give Me'. This offering captures a buzzing sound and shakes it like it's a poor man's money box, to produce Blondie-eqsue provocation and XTC style eccentric frivolity. The crawling vocal approach of Turu that has a mechanical effect turns the wheels of this satiating grinder of a song.

In their own words, The Human Value want people who go to see them live to come away feeling;

"Inspired, as if they've just witnessed something really honest and unique. Nothing is better than a performance that is not full of shit."

This is their pledge and I am sure they will not mind if you hold them to it. Did I mention that the gig is free? Well it is, so what more can you possibly want?

By Dave Adair

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