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The Human Value
Give Me
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The Human Value Give Me Single

The new wave, new wave craze is marching to the UK and the potential leaders of it, America's The Human Value capture a buzzing sound and shake it like it's a poor man's money box, to produce Blondie-eqsue provocation and XTC style eccentric frivolity. The crawling vocal approach of Turu that has a mechanical effect turns the wheels of this satiating grinder of an A side.

The hollow percussive build up to B-side 'Nashville #5', helps to set a nostalgic feel that throws matters into a reflective vortex at which throbbing instrumentals are the centrepiece. There is a lustful hunger that trickles through Turu's stammering vocals, lifting the number's quaintness to a catchy high ground. The vocals take a delightful turn towards the Katie Jane Garside manner, in the salacious glam/punk melting pot of 'She' and keeps this purring first single ticking throughout its entirety.

David Adair

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