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The Hedrons

The Donnas after they have been injected with Red Bull and taught how to enjoy playing live or a female The Foo Fighters, is two of many possible ways of introducing tonight's headliners, the feisty femmes of The Hedrons. Lead singer, Tippi's animated stage antics and bounce demonstrates compactness, as each member of the quartet appears caught up in their own world, but the rhythm does not suffer one bit for this. The rustic and heat-trapped venue is perfect for this powerful rock with zap and spirit.

The drum beats of Soup decorate and drive many of the numbers this evening, along with the vocals they help to conjure up a Queen Adreena spiked sound. Therefore, there is a bit of atmosphere to their raw sound, something that comes out in the rumbling 'Heatseeker'. This allows bassist Chi to let loose with her sauntering contribution, keeping the momentum of the song ticking along like a heart in an Edgar Allan Poe story. It's all set up for a mouth-watering guitar strut of almost Hendrix craft from Rosie, laughing in the face of people who say there is not much depth to this quartet. The chart breaking single 'I Need You', gives proceedings a nudge in the garage rock direction and stirs up onlookers with its angst and drive. The Hedrons have laid the foundation for the future tonight. Sure, there are things they need to build upon, a few weak links, but the draw, spirit and robust musical base is there.


David Adair

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