Review of Woo Hoo Single by The 5678's

The 5678's

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The 5678's; Woo Hoo (Sweet Nothing 05/07/04 ) Single Review

Three punk spirited Japanese girls have produced a lyric less offering built around upbeat guitars, tap dancing style backing and percussion, and of course, infectiously timed reiteration of Woo Hoo, sounding like Bjork being told she is being nominated as Iceland 's Eurovision song contestant. No wonder the Carling Advert and Tarantino in Kill Bill volumes 1 & 2 snapped up the tough to describe, yet captivating sound of the 5678's and put their tune to commercial effect. It is amazing what you can do with some well placed handclapping and the utilization of what sounds like clogs on a hard surface. This quirky piece of modern mind melting music is taken from their compilation album Bomb The Rocks; Early Days Singles (out on Sweet Nothing Records) giving people with a thirst for the diverse some lengthy lubrication.

This offering is made up with the equally compelling and outlandish Guitar Date' that is also on the above mentioned

The 5678's; Woo Hoo (Sweet Nothing 05/07/04 ) Single Review

album. Comprising of similar whacky and upbeat instrumentals coupled with the part oriental and part Eric Cartman and his memorable rendition of Sail Away' by Styx (remember that?) vocal range, Guitar Date' represents a firm challenge for those who are heading to their upcoming UK tour or their slot at the Leeds/Reading Festival intent on a good old sing-a-long with a stern task.

David Adair