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Focus training courses and modules are designed to give any one interested in making dance music a comprehensive understanding of how a recording studio and its equipment works in an easy to understand format that requires no previous knowledge of recording studios, computers or instruments. The courses are also taught in a commercial recording studio and not a classroom giving the student a feel for a working studio. They cater for beginners and experienced users alike with courses and modules designed to suit all levels. Whether your aim is to improve your existing skills or to make that all-important first step into the recording industry.

Courses include Computer Music course Home studio construction course Sampling Courses Mixing and Production courses Recording and mastering Focus training offers a range of specially designed courses from a 2-day weekend intensive to 12 weeks part time and they also have a new 5-day computer music course. The courses are predominately aimed at dance music producers and DJ's.

In recent years it has become an essential part of our music culture, and as most DJ's are well aware it is not necessarily how well you can mix 2 records together that gets you noticed by promoters, these days you must have a least a couple of records in your record bag that you have produced yourself to impress. Therefore a good knowledge of musical technology is necessary to progress further in this very competitive and rewarding industry.

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