Sony Ericsson goes live with music Mobizine™

The Mobizine™ is entitled Soundtrack to Your Life and enables mobile users to access unique and exclusive music content in a snack-sized format. It has been published to promote the launch of the new Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman® phone.

Developed by Refresh Mobile, Mobizines™ allow mobile phone users to receive 'snack-sized' versions of their favourite content in a rich, colourful format and clearly branded style. Already there are 17 titles live today including traditional publishing brands such as Conde Nast, BBC and Time Out and this portfolio is steadily growing.

Soundtrack to Your Life is effectively a handset-based magazine that will give music fans on all mobile networks access to entertaining, informative and regularly updated music editorial content such as news, reviews, gossip and interviews. The Soundtrack to Your Life Mobizine™, allows Sony Ericsson to showcase the multimedia features of its new phone by targeting contextual mobile adverts to music fans, will also expand the mobile operator's music portfolio and extend its new media footprint. Soundtrack to Your Life is a new vehicle for Sony Ericsson to target music fans. It follows Sony Ericsson's co-sponsorship of the Glastonbury The Film tour, which showcased Julien Temple's film throughout the UK.

The Mobizine™ costs just a few pence, each edition is cheap, quick to download and can be read without a network connection – on the bus or tube, for example. It was created in partnership with global planning and implementation agency MEC Interaction and content will be created daily by digital and mobile communications agency Que Pasa.

Mobizines™ are typically made up of 4 sections and each of these sections contains 5 stories. For example, the Soundtrack to Your Life sections are Latest, Gig Previews, Club Previews and This Week's Top Ten. At the bottom of each story a user will find links to other stories, downloadable content or other relevant merchandising. All items will be accompanied by an image.

In addition to Sony Ericisson, existing content partners that feature in the current portfolio of Mobizines™ are Condé Nast (GQ and Glamour), OK!, TimeOut, ITV, Daily Snack (celebrity news), TV Genius (TV listings), sports news from TeamTalk and record label V2.

According to Sony Ericsson Marketing Director Ben Padley: "The Soundtrack to your Life Mobizine is another example of the innovative approach we take to communicating with our consumers. We want to ensure we are delivering the greatest consumer experience possible, whether that is through our association with the likes of Glastonbury The Film, or new and exciting concepts such as Mobizine™."

Refresh Mobile CEO Scott Beaumont added: "By developing a Mobizine™, Sony Ericsson has displayed its commitment to both the music industry as well as the next generation of mobile publishing via cutting-edge new media technologies.

"Soundtrack to Your Life also offers a unique channel for targeted mobile advertising and allows Sony Ercisson to profit from the unique and intimate relationship that people have with their mobile phone. The full power of mobile marketing is starting to be understood and will have a huge impact on the music and media worlds. This Mobizine™ puts Sony Ericsson at the very forefront of these exciting industry developments. "

To download Mobizines™ to the handset, the consumer texts 'Mobi' followed by the name of the Mobizine™ (e.g. mobi styl 1) to 63333 and follows the instructions to download. The consumer can read each Mobizine™ as often as s/he likes at no extra cost and only pays once per edition. This edition automatically gets updated when the next edition is published.

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