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EP Review

Semaphore  EP

The raindrops of a pattering instrumental rock-out fall down relentlessly, before matters settle with the dusky and laid back, yet slightly haunting vocals casting a shadow, with help from the bemused journeying song writing skills of Johnny Butler and Louis Brennan, in 'Josephine'. The gnarling post grunge marathon, 'Princess In Chains' grabs the deep seated and troubled vocal style akin to Eddie Vedder, body slams it then dusts it off to convey feelings of helplessness in desire. This four-track, heart foraging foray culminates in the longing and slow building 'Lunatic' that harks back to The Cure's disenchanting days of 'Disintegration'. Whereby, they could slowly exorcise woe and restlessness, whilst remaining compact and proffering a tasty noire element to their music. This Butler/Brennan song writing collaboration continues to stand out for its gripping boldness and their ability to communicate their well thought out feelings.

David Adair

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