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Seafood - Summer Falls (01/03/04 Cooking Vinyl) - Single Review

Summer Falls
(01/03/04 Cooking Vinyl)

Seafood are seeking to dampen the current musical industry revolt against downloading music, by giving people the chance to sample a track from their forthcoming third album; ‘As The Cry Flows’ that is due out 03/05/03. This latest offering is subtler than their previous delights and the lyrics are getting tenderer;

Music - Seafood - Summer Falls (01/03/04 Cooking Vinyl) - Single Review

“I’m hurting just like you, I’m hurting just like you.
So don’t ask me what is wrong with it.”

David Lines’ Frank Black meets Stuart Murdoch vocal range crashes nicely against the tide of sombre instrumentals that lift this thoughtful offering. Sombre indie is going through a renaissance at the moment with bands such as Snow Patrol, Magnet and Aqualung all producing popular albums, but there must still be some room on the table for Seafood? Especially as the starter is free!

David Adair