Competition Rules
1. All musical compositions must be original material. Cover versions of songs will not be accepted.

2. All musical compositions should be submitted via the Contactmusic website, and be MP3 format.

3. We can accept entries by CD, cassette or mini-disc, but cannot give any guarantee as to when we will

    be able to place them on the site.

4. Each composition may be submitted only once, and will be kept on the site until the band or school

    decides to withdraw their entry.

5. Contactmusic reserves the right to reject any tracks deemed unsuitable due to offensive or slanderous


6. All compositions must be produced by pupils of the school, aged 11-18 and submitted under their own

    school's name.

7. There is no limit to the number of bands that any one school can enter.

8. There is no limit to the number of tracks that any band can submit.

9. reserve the right to halt or withdraw the competition at any time.

10. The decision of the A & R Department for A & R Choice of the Month will be final.

11. There will be a maximum of twelve contestants for the annual A & R Choice of the Month competition.