Roger Miret

Roger Miret - And The Disasters; 1984 (Hellcat Records 21/02/05) - Live Review

Roger MiretAnd The Disasters; 1984 (Hellcat Records 21/02/05)

The label that brought us the lastoffering from the great man Joe Strummer (‘Streetcore’) have made every effort to fill the void of honesty, authenticity, depth and heart on sleeve passion that he left. Their questhad a high degree of success when they selected to release this 13 thirteen track foray into the new wave, good old fashioned R & R and ska genresthat blend together to make oi punk apparently. The perpetrator of this is the Cuban born and New York bred Roger Miret and his three sidekicks, who ooze passion and pride, as is demonstrated in the title track ‘1984’ thatcollides together the Sex Pistols instrumentals and Sham 69 style vocals and chorus to devastating effect.

The characteristicsofsimplicity and intensity are introduced to each other and seem to get on very well, as the rasping ‘Riot, Riot, Riot’ and the honest and enthralling ‘Lower East Side’ highlight impressively. However, standout track is the ripping and cutting

Roger Miret- And The Disasters; 1984 (Hellcat Records 21/02/05) - Live Review
Roger Miret- And The Disasters; 1984 (Hellcat Records 21/02/05) - Live Review

‘Hooligans’ that swipes out at yobs and will never get played before a Millwall game. The bold and brave lyrics are sung with rhythm and aggression and hold up a mirror for inebriated aggressors to stare straight into;

“We’re pissed, we’re pissed, were drunk, we’re drunk; Hooligans.”

It has been three years since their self titled offering and in that period Roger and co have had their fingers on the pulses of modern realism,seemingly theyhave been channeling their anger ready to unleash in this explosively cathartic and compelling offering that reaches a climax in ‘I don’t Like You’. In a worldwhere honesty is becoming an alien concept, be a Good Samaritan and welcome in a stranger with this offering.

David Adair