Review of For Your Love (Headwrecker Records) Single by RAM

RAM - For Your Love

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RAM - For Your Love (Headwrecker Records) Review


For Your Love

(Headwrecker Records)

If bubbly pop music that drills simple but heart wrenching lines into the listener like;

“I don’t wanna lose you now; I don’t wanna lose you now.”

Is your cuppa then RAM are for you, doing this by mixing influences such as the Basement Jaxx and The Beach Boys. It is a catching tune

Music - RAM - For Your Love (Headwrecker Records) Review

but more than three listens makes it cross the well trodden boundary into the grating category. Therefore, finishing the single with a remix by Fink of the single is not the wisest move. Sandwiched between these tracks are too tender but largely forgettable B-sides.’ Two Fine Lovers’ is a slow acoustic lead ode to love and is enjoyable enough at first. ’Dream Away’ is unfortunately what you do when listening to this simple B-side and is over before you realised it was on. Ram’s positive outlook is admirable but they will need to find a more original way of communicating it if they are to escape the quagmire of well meaning pop bands who fail to hit the target.

David Adair