Review of Digging For Victory Single by Psychid


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Psychid: Digging For Victory. Released 18/08/03

Psychid Digging For Victory Single

With more copying going on in the music industry these days than at a spitting image appreciation night, the eclectic Oxford based foursome are inserting a drop of pure water into the cesspool of modern Indie music. 'Digging For Victory' is the fourth single release from Psychid's self titled debut album, combining the melodic melancholy of Radiohead with the upbeat feel of, say a Joy Division and a measure of Brian Molko style vocals, provided by Tom Havelock with some neat female backing. The lyrics deliver a cynical message about knowledge being the biggest pollutant around:

'I pay a man ten grand a year to purify my food and air,

but all that science in his head manipulates the air.'

Second track on the single 'Albedo' has slowly creepy instrumental introduction like that of The Murder song by The Cooper Temple Clause, before Havelock's soulful vocals enter the fray with a Piano accompaniment giving the song a small Coldplay feel. The final track on this intriguing single 'ParaPSYCHID' features a relaxing piano instrumental as well as soothing gospel style choral singing, quite what they are singing about is anyone's guess, but it adds to the variety of this surreal single. David Adair


In celebration on completing a most successful UK headline tour and the launch of their new website, Oxford four-piece Psychid are rewarding fans with a FREE copy of their new single ‘Digging For Victory’, released through db records on 18th August 2003. Taken from their eponymously-titled debut album, the single is exclusively available for purchase from the db records shop and all registered Psychid fans will be entitled to a free copy, choosing from one of the two formats: CD and seven inch. The CD (db017cd7) will feature ‘Digging For Victory’, ‘Albedo’ and ‘Parasychid 7 (Waters Intact). The limited edition seven inch (db017sp7), which have each been individually hand-painted by the band, holds ‘Digging For Victory’ and ‘Albedo’ .

Psychid’s previous singles ‘We Come Out At Night’, ‘Split Lip Sucker’ and ‘Radio’ received considerable press plaudits and extensive play on Radio One and XFM. Digging For Victory has proved their most successful single to date, receiving continued support from Radio 1, XFM and Capital, and as a direct result of their UK tour the single has been playlisted across the UK.

Psychid’s debut album, released on 21st July 2003, was produced by Christopher Merrick Hughes and recorded at NAM Studios, Ashley Manor in Wiltshire and Pierce Rooms, London. The band are more than a little special. They pay no heed to the garage / blues form and posture of the present day elite. They’re an English band concerned with musical ingenuity. Envisage the psyche stylings of classic Anglo conjurers Eno and Floyd and you’re on your way to understanding their manifesto. It’d be wrong to think Psychid are purely cerebral though. They’re just as obsessed about keeping things informal and user-firendly. There are an indecent amount of tunes in their repertoire, which might remind some of The Pixies and Eels.

Psychid are: Marcus Efstratiou (drums), Tom Havelock (vocals and guitar), Henry Morton Jack (vocals and guitar) and Owen O’Rourke (bass).