International Workshop Festival

7th – 19th August 2006 Zion Arts Manchester

Process06 is a unique event, devised to nurture, develop and preserve the language of Hip Hop Theatre, a two-week workshop festival, Process06 is the only artist-lead event of its genre. Masterminded & hosted by Benji Reid, whose mesmerising productions and performances have earned him international respect, the festival takes place this August at Manchester's Zion Arts Centre in with a stellar cast of tutors joining forces in the creative mix.

Benji Reid is the winner of countless body-popping championships and danced with legendary combo 'Soul II Soul' as well as a member of original UK breakdancers: Broken Glass Street Crew. Now a successful writer, director and choreographer as well as an actor and dancer, he's recognised as a ground-breaking performer as well as an original and multi-faceted talent. Via the highly coveted NESTA organisation, Benji has been the recent recipient of the Dream Time Award. This made Process06 possible and for the first time ever, future talent within Hip Hop's ever-growing dance genre will have the opportunity to further their individual skills.

Delivered by International 'masters' of Hip Hop Theatre including US artists Will Power, Ken Swift and Baba Israel plus the UK's Robert Hylton & Karena Johnson, Process06 offers a terrific opportunity for regional & national b-boys, b-girls, poppers and young artists to work alongside these auspicious talents.

Masterclasses and performances will be from the following:

Baba Israel

Baba "Baba" Israel is a performing and recording artist within Hip Hop theatre world-wide, he's also produced albums, plays and featured in films internationally. His various achievements have earned him a prestigious place within Hip Hop performing arts and as a result, he's shared the stage with artists such as Afrika Bambaatta, The Roots, Outkast, Vernon Reid, and the legendary Lester Bowie of the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

Robert Hylton

A key UK exponent of Hip Hop and contemporary dance and an eternal B-Boy at heart, Robert Hylton, together with his company Urban Classicism has sold out venues all over the world with his critically acclaimed performances. Schooled in the UK's underground Jazz Dance Scene, Hip Hop culture and Body Popping, Robert embraced both Hip Hop and Jazz developing his own visual language that continues to inspire his work. Robert also works with film and has recently collaborated with London's National Gallery.

Ken Swift

A legendary artist, Kenny "Ken Swift" Gabbert is considered "The epitome of a B.Boy", his image and style emulated for many years by B.Boys and B.Girls around the world. A true pioneer, he's responsible for 22 years of promoting, educating and preserving the art form and is a driving force, continually invited to attend, judge and compete around the world. His accolades know no bounds and amongst his many credits, he's appeared in classic films Style Wars, Beat Street and Flashdance.

Will Power

Will Power is an award-winning actor, rapper, playwright, and educator. Viewed as a pioneer, he created his own style of theatrical communication, fusing original music, rhymed language and dynamic choreography to produce compelling and internationally renowned work. He's won many awards and via his skills as a lyricist and composer, appeared on critically acclaimed albums. Will Power's varied skills are matched only by his remarkable teaching ability, providing communities across the globe with tools of self-expression.

Karena Johnson

The UK's Karena Johnson as worked extensively as a theatre director since 1997. She was a Jerwood Young Director Award Winner in 2003 and was also nominated for the Carlton Multicultural Awards in the same year. Karena was the Head of Theatre Programming at Oval House Theatre for five years and is currently Artistic Director of Kushite Theatre Co and Acting Artistic Director of Contact Theatre, Manchester

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