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Play.com Special Offer
Play.com Special Offer

www.play.com is the UK's third most visited website and the country's favourite entertainment online retailer, offering new releases and a fantastic back catalogue range in DVDs, CDs, books and video games, to gadgets, PCs, mobile phones, electronics - all delivered free to your door.

Play.com differentiates itself from its competitors by focusing on entertainment and leisure products and pioneered free delivery on the internet.

Play.com has recently added a new section to site, a trading site called PlayTradeT. PlayTradeT offers individual customers the opportunity to buy and sell products on Play.com using new trading mechanic called PlayFundsT. So dust down all of those books, CDs, DVDs and video games and trade them in for any new product from Play.com or take the cash - it's as simple as that.

Customer testimonial from Matt (26) in Southampton

`I use Play.com all the time. The site is simple to use and it is a very honest shopping experience. There are no hidden costs, delivery is free of charge and you are able to check stock levels from the outset, ensuring there is no waiting for the delivery. Everything arrives when they say it will at work or at home and the customer service team are friendly and efficient; it is great to have a voice at the end of the phone.

Journalist testimonial from Emma Donnan of the Sunday People

`I regularly visit Play.com for myself and my column. There's a great range of products and everything always arrives well packaged and really quickly. I love the fact that there's free delivery on everything, even if I'm buying a huge Plasma TV!'