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PKR - Welcome to the next dimension in online poker
PKR - Welcome to the next dimension in online poker
Poker. Evolved.

Welcome to the next dimension in online poker.

Whether you're a hardened poker pro or someone just coming to the game, PKR is a real standout. Its visually stunning 3D graphics and advanced game-play features blow the lid off the competition.

PKR gets its edge from smart technology, so it doesn't just look great but plays brilliantly too. It features fully customisable characters so that you can create a player who looks just like you - or anyone you want to be. And it goes further, allowing you to imbue your poker character real personality by setting your mood at the table - all of which affects the way your character moves and speaks at the table.

And once you're on a table you'll be amazed by PKR's revolutionary game play system. Designed by an award winning team of video game developers and poker industry professionals, this game is so advanced it lets you pick up reads and give off false tells. Its unique emote technology which allows you to express yourself in ways you never could before has earned the game praise from the press and PKR's growing legion of dedicated players alike. Growth is the key word when looking at PKR.

In just six short moths since its launch, PKR is picking up new players at a phenomenal rate.

There are almost half a million players registered at the site with 4,000 joining every day. What's more, PKR is bringing an unprecedented stream of new players to the game of poker and exposing a whole new generation to the thrills (and spills) of the online game.

Of course there is plenty on hand for more seasoned players too. PKR's regular schedule of money added and guaranteed tournaments is constantly being updated with generous overlays designed to tempt every level of player. Not to mention a big 50% bonus up to $250 that means that PKR isn't just a great game, its also great value.

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