Review of Don't Black Out Single by Oversol

Don't Black Out
Single Review

Oversol Don't Black Out Single

Fat guitar driven soundscapes that are steadily climbed by the rising vocals of Aaron Davis adds a Mew styled element to a well thought out A-side. Elbow-esque backing complements the dreamy nature of the vocals that is juxtaposed by the vibrant instrumentals, as Nathan Evans' stern drum beats lead the way.

The Chichester quartet shows off their range through B-side 'Assassin', featuring a lolloping Athlete edge, whilst Davis' vocals linger a while longer than in the main track, before the instrumentals take off to replicate a similar sound to the first offering. A bluesy edge is implanted upon 'Into Thin Air', as the well tested formula of melodic indie and calmingly expressive vocals will produce many a hands-in-the-air moment, as they promote themselves in a live setting.

Rating 7/10

David Adair

Release Date: 09/10/2006
Label: Universal Records

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