'Keep Music Miserable'


Released Oct 10th

Sometimes exceptional artists are lucky enough to get a record deal and make their music available to a wide audience. However, most of the time they go completely undiscovered, forever stuck in the underground wilderness. Other times they disappear, victims of circumstantial misfortunes which are beyond their control.

When Lowgold emerged 5 years ago they had the world at their feet. They landed a record deal with Nude Records, released a brilliant, critically acclaimed debut album, 'Just Backward of Square', played to massive crowds around the world, worked with hot producer Tony Lash (Dandy Warhols, Elliott Smith), toured with Coldplay and were tipped as a 'highly precious British Hope'. Then Nude Records went bust leaving the band with massive debts and in complete limbo.

After 2 years of enforced tarriance the band resurfaced in 2003 with their 2nd album, 'Welcome to Winners' this time for Sanctuary Records. A series of industry miscalculations and bad promotional decisions resulted in a complete lack of public awareness. Most people, even die hard fans, didn't know the album existed! This situation left the band labeless and psychologically traumatised once again. It was strangely prophetic that the last song on 'Welcome to Winners' is 'Save Yourself' because that's exactly what they went and did…

Having slowly picked up the pieces Lowgold are now bouncing back with a well organised, self governing label, DEDTEDRECORDS, determined to do things on their own terms. Frontman Darren Ford says, 'When we parted company with Sanctuary we decided the way forward was to set up our own label. The original plan was to release 2 new EPs this year and a new album next year. Half way through the project, word got out that we'd set up our own label and our website was inundated with fan requests for a rarities album – stuff that people missed out on because it was deleted or a vinyl only B Side etc. It made sense to combine the new material from the 2 EPs and the rare stuff as one release'.

Thus 'Keep Music Miserable' was born - a monstrous package (29 tracks) featuring new songs, rarities, sought after material and the band's entire b-side back catalogue. This project has also given Lowgold their pride back. During the bad times the band lost sight of how good they are at writing songs and this album is the start of something new and wonderful, it does not represent the end of an under achieving career. 'Some people will cry, why bother' proclaims guitarist Dan Symons. 'I personally feel wronged by what's happened and if after all this time to reflect I thought our failure was down to not being good enough or because we wrote crap songs, I'd be the first to stop humiliating myself. The fact is these songs are great, even the old ones stand up against anything I've heard recently'.

Luckily for Lowgold, 'the song is still king' and their style does not follow any trend or fad that dips in and out of fashion. Their fusion of heartfelt, honest lyrics, creeping melodies and spine tingling guitars is still evident on new songs 'Every Train', 'Burn A Hole', 'Flavour' and 'Time Reclaims All Frontiers'. A new mix of the highly sought after song 'The Feelings' (from the 108 EP) is included here along with 'End of the Hammer' the vinyl only B Side of the release 'Mercury'. Without the constraints of trying to fulfil the requirements of a commercial release this album includes more experimental tracks such as 'Hip Hop Cooperative', 'Absolute Exocet' and 'Jacob's Ping Pong'.

Unsurprisingly 'Keep Music Miserable' is lyrically sombre, but somehow hopeful and strangely uplifting. Lowgold are like the perfect cup of sonic tea – predominantly warm and comforting, hot when required and possessing the ability to give the listener a jolting pain in the nervous system as a reminder that life isn't all biscuits and slippers.

'Keep Music Miserable' is out on DEDTEDRECORDS on October 10th. Lowgold are playing live at The Barfly 9th Dec

Label - http://www.dedtedrecords.com