Review of Why Bother At All EP by Koufax

Why Bother At All
EP Review

Koufax Why Bother At All EP

Flighty and uprising piano led new wave, with a political beast introduced via the tersely delivered and caustic lyrics propelled via a yearning The Doors, The International Noise Conspiracy and Orson skirting title track. The engaging bemusement continues into the slow booming 'Call The Cops', displaying singer Robert Suchan's punchy and heartfelt cry in all its croakily commanding finery.

A Joel Pott vocal interlude gives the more universal subject matter of 'Loveless Meredith' a kick and it enables Suchan to reach out and grab the listener. The piano slows down to toe along the love-struck ode that pangs with regret and doubt. Detroit's Koufax command respect for their emotion laden bite, they use it to devastating to grip each and every offering on this four track EP.

David Adair

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