K-O-Din, Maladjusted
Academy 3, Manchester
Monday, October 23.


Unsigned bands nights are far from a rare occurrence, but this particular one deserves attention for a couple reasons. With Halloween around the corner, this gathering of a few of Manchester's up-and-coming alternative acts sees the bands all donning costumes, but more importantly the aim of the night is to raise money for charity.

Deserving of a mention for giving up their time and proceeds tonight are Burial and F.I.G.M.O., but we begin the review with penultimate act Maladjusted, a grunge-influenced trio who share the common appearance of mime artists. but dressed in a wetsuit or nightie. They rip through the likes of "Piles", but undoubtedly the highlight of their set is the cover of the Richard Berry track "Louie Louie" during which they invite all the other performers to join them on stage for a carnival atmosphere that is shared with the very respectable number in attendance.

The quintet that make up headliners K-O-Din have all plied their talents in other groups and it's difficult to tell that they've only been together for 6 months. With some power ballads that are reminiscent of Creed (but better), they more than make the event worth attending. Vocalist Evan has a fantastically powerful voice and stage presence to match, while guitarists Dave and Andy (dressed as Darths Vader and Maul) provide chomping chords and solos. Bassist Jo, pulling off the Princess Leia look as well as Carrie Fisher, comes to the fore during a brave cover of Queen's "Under Pressure", but her tight rhythms also provide a strong backbone for songs such as "The Only One To Blame" and the brilliant "Awake" - it displays enough potential to suggest that K-O-Din may not stay unsigned for much longer. As they exit the stage, it is announced that over £600 has been raised for Cancer Research - a magnificent effort for which all involved should be commended.

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