Review of Groove Stomp EP by Innascence


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Innascence - Groove Stomp (Three track EP) Review


Groove Stomp

(Three track EP)

Taking the lead from bold bands such as The Music, The Rapture and an old band from their native Manchester whose name escapes me, Innasence skirt the boundaries of the indie and dance genre with pride and passion. The self titled opening track that features Robert Harvey style vocals and eccentricity with a hint of garage rock mingled into the mix makes for a dingy, jive friendly opener. The more mainstream indie offering ‘the Gods’ is a brave ballad for the downtrodden that drop a hint at the broadness of the band’s music, showing that singer Darren McKenna has an intriguing vocal range.

Innascence - Groove Stomp (Three track EP) Review

Having supported bands like Mock Turtles, Astrid and Oceansize the mancunian four piece have garnered a reputation for passionate and enthralling live performances. They head to Jabez Clegg on the 3rd June 2004 to treat a home crowd to another evening of honest grooving.


1. Groovestomp

2. the Gods

3. Touching the distance

David Adair