Homelands 2003

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Eminem maybe the biggest thing hip hop, but when he observed 'nobody listens to techno', he clearly hadn't been anywhere near a Jeff Mills set for a long time. In any case, several thousand ravers will prove Slim Shady got it wrong when the Detroit's hi-fi sci-fi hero brings his hyperspeed roadshow to Homelands. Jeff Mills is techno incarnate: the vision, the voice and the mouthpiece of the worldwide 808 mindstate, whose appearances are as rare as they can be life-altering. When he's not mapping the digital soundscape of today, Jeff Mills scores films, works on books and manages techno's pre-eminent label, Axis.

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You can't doubt Dave Clarke's commitment to authenticity in dance music: he will never rest until the sounds of the beatbox and the bassline are incorporated into the National Anthem. On vinyl, behind the decks or in the studio, Brighton born Clarke is British techno's big, maverick presence. With his 'Red' series of EPs, and recent 'The Compass' single on Skint, plus a million other productions, he's tirelessly campaigned against trash in dance music and was championing the cause of techno since back when everyone was still listening to SesamE's Treet.

For showmanship alone, (and the occasional dalliance with green hair dye), Chicago's Cajmere - aka Green Velvet (and Curtis Jones to his mother) - should be knighted, and the reception to his recent DJ sets and productions suggest he's not the only one residing in La La Land. A decade's worth of release on Relief and his own Cajual imprint - terror-house cuts including 'Flash', 'The Stalker' and 'Answering Machine' - created his awesome rep, while 2001's 'La La Land' suggested the muse of wonky techno genius was still resident in the Jones household.

Britain's techno demigods Slam are also in the house. If you've forgotten just how electrifying their high-voltage signature 'Positive Education' is, make a note of the Glasgow DJs Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle's stage time, and tell your friends you may be gone for a while.

Umek is techno's biggest rising star, thanks to his dynamic DJ sets and stunningproduction skills. He's shaken up the entire techno scene and is set to continue his unparralled success on dancefloors worldwide.

Sweden's Christian Smith is the archetype of techno's new generation of soundsmiths, who weaves funky techno into the emerging sound of tech-house. But more importantly, he rocks the crowd like it's the year 2999, conjuring new shades of dark electronic magic in case anyone tries to slip a Scooter record on.

The revolution has only just begun.

Jeff Mills

Dave Clarke




Christian Smith

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