Review of Cruel Kindness (BMG) Single by Hidingplace


Hidingplace - Cruel Kindness (BMG) - Single Review


Cruel Kindness (BMG)

The dark horse on the shoulders of melodic metallers; Staind, Breed 77 and Soil in the race to bring integrity and authenticity to a previously faltering genre, is the UK’s very own Hidingplace (yes, we can produce honest and sincere music with a metallic edge; believe it or not?). The oxymoronic Cruel Kindness that features abrasive guitars and grippingly emotive Aaron Lewis like vocals of Paul McCallion, sees this East Kilbride born quartet tackle the topic of fakeness in humanity with the force of Kris Radlinski crushing a St. Helens player.

Hidingplace; Cruel Kindness (BMG) - Single Review

The tense and tender B-side ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’ displays a deep and dare I say it? Immortal message proffering the view that love outlives death;

“Romeo and Juliet are together for eternity.

We should be like they are come on baby;

don’t fear the reaper.”

The hidingplace give you something to escape to, as with openness and alluring honesty they display a maturity and empathy with the public; in the way they tackle contemporaneous emotional issues with depth and insight.

David Adair