Review of Imagination Limitation Single by Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz
Imagination Limitation
Single Review

Henrik Schwarz Imagination Limitation Single

Lounge grooving chill-out beats helps the tempo-building impresario Henrik Schwarz provides a slickly programmed snippet of his current mood. It has been written solely to appear on the German's forthcoming mix album 'DJ Kicks' (released 16/10/06 on K7), parading the influences that have shaped his musical direction since the spellbinding release of the mood mixing, debut EP 'Supravision' in 2002. The 'Mix 1 Part & Part B' sets an initially hollow backdrop, before twisting synths that harks back to Schwarz's House leaning ways and a spirited soul voice jumps out, sporadically lifting up the life in the number.

'Imagination Limitation (Mix 3)' instils a light techno with a jungle stomp to make it the mix that will most likely be aired in clubs around the country, in order to evoke some graceful packing of boxes from dance floor connoisseurs. What this song ultimately does is make the DJ Kicks album an intriguing prospect, for it will serve as an autobiography of Schwarz's moods and feelings through the times, including his production nadir of Coldcut's 'Walk A Mile In My Shoes'.

Rating 7/10

David Adair

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