Review of Give `Em The Boot Album by Hellcat Records Presents

Hellcat Records Presents
Give 'Em The Boot
Album Review

Hellcat Records Presents Give `Em The Boot Album

While the doomsayers have been predicting the death of punk for years, Hellcat Records, rather than writing the epitaph have been doing their utmost to extend its life expectancy. This crunching 18 track compilation of modern alternative sounds with gnarly grit, ripping rhythm and veracious variety, is kicked off by two modern powerhouses. Rancid throw around the strutting smash of 'Tattoo' into the mix and Dropkick Murphy's embody the fight that is needed from outfits of their ilk, in the grizzly 'The Warrior's Code'.

It is to be expected that the two bands of the above calibre would light the touch paper. However, the album contains depth, with the energetic and emotive psychobilly of the Californian outfit Tiger Army in 'Swift Silent Deadly', displaying a retro kick, reviving 50's guitars and a throbbing double bass element that helped earn them a space on Morrissey's much talked about recent tour. Unreleased offerings from The Unseen; 'Act The Part', Left Alone; 'The Sinner' and The Heart Attacks; 'Widow Maker' give a fresh feel to contrast from the familiarity of some numbers. This freshness is most potent in 'I'm A 'C**t' by the cosmopolitan teenagers of Orange, who resurrect the ungainly angst of Johnny Rotten in their most abrasive offering to date. A bit of funky soul spices up this collection with 'I'm No Different' by Westbound Train, to give a little time for reflection and relaxation via journeying horns and laid back vocals. Hellcat has just restored my faith in compilation albums!


David Adair

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