Review of No One Over 21 Single by Fussible


Fussible No One Over 21 Single

Fussible - No One Over 21

Following on from Fussible’s highly-acclaimed ‘Odyssea’ Maxi CD single & associated vinyl release in 2002, Sonic360 continues on the tech-mex ‘Nortec’ trip with ‘No-One Over 21’ – including seven tasty remixes providing an eclectic journey from Tijuana to beyond...

Inspired by the mass movement of under-age American kids who regularly cross the border to Tijuana, Mexico, for a night of excess, Fussible wrote the exploratory 'No One Over 21'. From distinctive ambient chords through to hefty Tijuana rhythm, the track evokes the excitement, nervous energy and rebellion at the notorious

Fussible - No One Over 21

crossing point. ‘No-one Over 21’ begins with ominous and empty echoes and horns, lifted by hypnotic tech-house beats rolling under Fussible’s characteristic Norteo-induced snares and Latin percussion. This is the sound of Nortec with some serious funk thrown in for good measure.

FUSSIBLE is Pepe Mogt from Tijuana in the Northwest of Mexico. His musical background stems from traditional Mexican rhythm and electronic industrialism with diverse influences from Classical, Funk and Deep House. Founder of the now-famed Nortec Collective*, he is enjoying celebrity status in his home country and, increasingly, around the world with current features in TIME Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Times and The Wire.

A ‘Download Only’ release, ‘No One Over 21’ is available from 6 th December 2004