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What job does Max have in Manticore when

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A) Hotdog Seller

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C) Delivery Girl

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Prepare for your heart to race and the tension to build as the thrilling news TV Dark Angel has finally arrives on DVD and video…

Dark Angel Season 1 DVD 6 disc boxset and video 5 cassette boxset released to buy on 24th January 2003 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Created by filmmaking genius James Cameron responsible for all time classics "Rambo", "Aliens", "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "True Lies" and "Titanic", Dark Angel is a critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller starring Jessica Alba and won the US "People's Choice Award for Favourite New Television Dramatic Series" in its first season. It has been celebrated in America is now a huge success on Channel Five in the UK.

The series begins in 2009 in Manticore, a government lab where young human specimens are genetically enhanced to become supersoldiers. After years of scientific experiments the subjects escape, but are chased and gunned down by military guards. 10 year old Max gets away through the trees and at is left in post-apocalyptic America alone in search of the others like herself, not knowing if any survived…

In 2020 Max (Jessica Alba) is a genetically engineered fighting fit babe! Seattle is dreary and dangerous after terrorists killed the US economy by detonating an electromagnetic pulse. Working as a delivery girl in the city Max tries to remain anonymous from the government who are constantly on the prowl for the lost supersoldiers.

The government are not the only ones on the hunt for Max. Logan, (Michael Weatherly) an idealist underground cyber-journalist, constantly campaigns against the corruption of the government and Manticore. He tracks down Max and asks her to join him and his cause, in return for his help to find her 'siblings'. Max becomes a reluctant hero by using her super-strengths and in doing so lays her true identity on the line and therefore her freedom…

So saddle your motorbike and put your helmet on for this fast-moving, edge of your seat thriller series. Escaping the government is one thing. To remain free is another…

'Sometimes it seems like it happened to someone else. Like maybe it was a story I heard... The hardest part is not knowing...if any of them made it. If I knew for sure I was the only one left, it would be worse. The truth is they'd just be like me... living on the run, always looking over your shoulder.' Max 2020