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Envy - DVD Competition

Product Information

Title: Envy


Tim (Stiller) and Nick (Black) are best friends whose equal footing is suddenly tripped up when one of Nick's harebrained get-rich-quick schemes actually succeeds: ‘Vapoorizer,’ a spray that literally makes dog poop, or any other kind for that matter, evaporate into thin air - to where exactly is anyone's guess. Nick's fortune - and Tim's own envy - grow to equally outrageous proportions, when the flames of jealousy are further fanned by an oddball drifter (Walken) who imposes himself into the situation. Tim's life careers wildly out of control...taking Nick's with it.

Copyright: (c)2004 Dreamworks L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.

Stars / Cast: Ben Stiller, Christopher Walken, Jack Black, Rachel Weisz.

Director: Barry Levinson

Producer: Barry Levinson, Paula Weinstein & Jerome O'Conner

Genre: Comedy

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Envy - DVD Competition
Envy - DVD Competition
Envy - DVD Competition