Review of The Smell Single by Engerica



The Smell
Sanctuary Records
Single Review

It is this sort of empiricism with the rock and metal genres that could have saved the NU Metal from decimating into a farce of cheesy self-indulgence. In this ranging offering, high tempo guitar mauling that builds from an eerie percussion paved path,
is scattered carefully around piercing, post-rock with an emo trickle running through it. All this is bound together by the grizzly post rock/metal skirting outbursts of Dave Gardner.

The hip-hop vein is pumped around by the ventricle of rhythmically journeying guitars to start B-side 'A Cure For Living' in a poignant piece of mundane mastery. Gardner's dreamy and laid back vocals take on a didactic mode, as survival tips are doled with unsentimental poignancy, before his fiery anger rises to the fore and he is possessed by a Henry Rollins demon. This volte-face drives home the power of post-rock and makes sure that the intensity really means something. Time is taken to build the track, ensuring that you are lured you into the band's psyche. Engerica are just what the heavier end of the rock market needs. Their heroic, climax building music presses home the need for rock to re-unite its energy and drive.

David Adair

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