Dan The Automator

NBA 2K7 Video Game Soundtrack

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Elevating the music integration beyond the soundtrack is 2K Sports' reuniting of A Tribe Called Quest who are also headlining the 2nd Annual 2K Sports Bounce Tour in support of NBA 2K7. The tour kicks off September 1st in Detroit.

In addition, select-featured artists appear in the game as playable characters, including Phife from A Tribe Called Quest, Dan The Automator, and Slim Thug, among others.

"From the start, I was interested of exploring the various facets of today's Hip Hop. It was a matter of making their style match mine, without forcing the rappers into what they don't sound like and at the same time keeping the record a continuous work. I think we did a great job. Someone from the Bay Area like E40 comes off equally as interesting as someone from the East Coast like Ghostface or someone from the South like Slim Thug"


1. Dan The Automator - Intro

2. Slim Thug - I Love This Game

3. Rhymefest - Bang The Ball

4. Hieroglyphics - Don't Hate The Player

5. Fabolous - Ball Til You Fall

6. Aceyalone & Rakaa of Dilated Peoples - Champions

7. E-40 & San Quinn - Baller Blockin'

8. Ghostface & A.G. of D.I.T.C. - 2K007

9. Lupe Fiasco & Evidence of Dilated Peoples - Catch Me

10. Mos Def & Anwar Superstar - Here Comes The Champ

11. Charli 2na of Jurassic 5 - Anchor Man

12. A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics To Go (remix)

13. Zion I - Fade Away

NBA 2K7 Jukebox - http://www.okayplayer.com/feature/2K7/jukebox.html