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Cracker Greenland Album

After interludes of game playing with Virgin that saw a tug-of-war over the cash cow of their greatest hits collection, resulting in the release of two such albums, it is business as usual for the wispy indie old guard of Cracker. The crystal backing vocals of Caitlin Cary contrast with the dry and dusty lead of David Lowery to layer the opener 'Something You Aint Got', with broad reflection. This offering is slower, both instrumentally and vocally from previous albums that have spawned memorable indie hits such as 'Euro-Trash Girl' and 'Get Off This'. Thus indicating that the guys have reached the days of musing and contemplation, but they pull it off with sincerity via 'Where Have Those Days Gone'.

A cheeky flirtation with 70s atmospheric rock, 'Gimme One More Chance' revives some of the exuberance of old. The ballad of 'I'm As Glad As You She Aint Never Coming Back' and the Hemmingway-esque utilisation of images of the Spain and African sea, while pondering lost loves contained in the dark 'Sidi Ifni', bears out the fact that this is Crackers most real life covering album to date. Lowery has been at the Keats books again, with his dark poetry performed with an Eels touch, both musically and vocally, stunning the listener into deep thought. Cracker has certainly wrestled a few demons here and it looks like they will continue to fight for a long time yet.


David Adair

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