Review of Missing Link Single by Courtney Tidwell

Courtney Tidewell
Missing Link (06/11/06, Ever Records)
Single Review

Courtney Tidwell Missing Link Single

Swooning, earnest pop that binds together the feel of Bjork, Sinnead O'Connor and Donna Lewis comes at you via this organ and synths marrying offering taken from Tidewell's debut album, 'Don't Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up'. A foraging backdrop adds to the wondering feel of this dedication to following your dreams.

An acoustic version of 'Oslo' bears out belief and depth in a fashion similar to Kathryn Williams. The smooth production adds a homely feel that is necessary to give a song of this nature its true value. Courtney's personal nature is what most likely to make her friends as she makes the first steps in her musical journey.

Rating 6/10

David Adair

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