Coded Arms

Coded Arms - PSP Preview

Coded Arms - PSP Preview

Konami announces stunning first-person shooter for Sony's new handheld video game system

Konami of Europe has announced it will release Coded Arms, a breath-taking first-person shooter title, for Sony's PSP TM handheld video game system, this summer.

Already being hailed as one of the most anticipated titles for the new system, Coded Arms is a fast-paced and aesthetically stunning first-person shooter set within a hastily abandoned Virtual Reality system. The VR universe was originally conceived as a training device to prepare mankind for an alien invasion, but was hurriedly shut down when the system became self-aware and created a brutal world populated with virtual, yet hostile alien races. Cast as a hacker, the player is equipped with an array of hi-tech weaponry and must cleanse the VR world of its unsavoury denizens.

The game's virtual landscape is split into three distinct worlds and enjoys a lavish level of detail and lighting effects that show off the power of the Sony system perfectly, while eerie lighting and shadow effects add to the ever-present oppressive atmosphere. Similarly, Coded Arms' computer-devised aliens are equally impressive and range from enhanced soldiers, insect-themed species and robotic adversaries, each of which have certain vulnerabilities to specific weapons that the player can use to their advantage.