City of Thamesis - the future of story telling?

It's a big claim, but eagle eyed talent spotters at Fleming Media (the company who manage Digital Rights for the Young Bond series of books) have financed a small London based graphic studio to polish and deliver a 6 episode story prologue as a digital graphic novel -- and they feel 100% confident of making that claim for some stories as they come to life as graphic rich, audio visual, living, moving cartoons.

It is a novel, innovative and compelling way of telling a tale that utilises advances in the web and design technology to striking effect.

Having lovingly nurtured and created the initial episodes of the story, Ash Pure Studios released some teaser clips on the internet and quickly netted themselves a devoted following online.

City Of Thamesis, is a good old fashioned story of power and conflict. The digital fable is set in an Orwellian future London, where once mythical powers, such as telepathy and levitation, are made real by the use of "brand" patch technology and the corruption of that technology creates a devastating crime wave, with "pirate" patches.

Further episodes are due in the new year and are set to push downloads of the story well past the 150,000 already racked up through gaming and video communities such as New Grounds and YouTube and more.

With investment from such a reputable source that has a leading pedigree in action adventure fiction, the City Of Thamesis is now heading in many potentially interesting directions - with an alternate reality real time game planned to follow, where users will be able to take on roles in the tale, participate in quests and effect the outcome of story.

It's clear that advances and innovation in web technology and access are creating more and more opportunities for creative story telling, offering new ways for audiences to engage with and even participate in stories.

The final two episodes of the initial chapter of City Of Thamesis are released on the 12th of October and 26th October respectively.

All chapters are available on the official site at