Review of Saucer Crash Single by Black Ramps

Black Ramps
Saucer Crash
(STR82TAPE Records)

Black Ramps Saucer Crash Single

Soaring Pixies-esque spirited jamming and bemused vocals build up to a tersely repeated chorus, harking back to the 70s two minute whirlpool effect songs;

"She's a big girl now, she knows what she is doing."

This lo-fi offering is simple indie rock N' Roll as it should be; punchy, surprisingly meaningful and well strung together. Basic chord structures stop the guitars taking over and keep the offering on a tight rein in order to steer the rattling simplicity into the instantly catchy zone.

Time is taken in 'Speak & Destroy' to toy with emotions, as singer Warren's vocals take on a laid back and crisp feel. This helps the band occupy the stirring and dusty end of the indie market, with the stubbornness of a squatter alongside their vastly underrated contempories The Mendoza Line. This three track exposure of raw, honest emotion looks set to continue the momentum gained by their 'Shark Attack' EP. With Radio 1's Steve Lamacq and Claire Sturgess of XFM already onside, the Black Ramps are slowly building a formidable team.

David Adair

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