Black Jackson
As Seen On TV,
Demo Review

The defiance and insight of The Clash is given a modern indie coating in the title track that spews out honesty and grit, projected by the commanding, determined and flighty vocals of Ali Kavali. Rustically rumbling riffs and the clanging percussion of M.R. Irving builds up a charging pace and a defiant tone to complement the bemused lyrics;

"Fame is reality, reality fame; there's a whole lot of people being underpaid.
The day to day comes as a commercial break from Friday night to Monday
day, line to you, my line to me, we're through with the twentieth century.
Tragedy, comedy scene by scene, look at me I'm as seen on TV."

The demo is a smoothly produced one, as the band have been around long enough to know that time, effort and planning are the key to maintaining the integrity in your sound. The integrity in Black Jackson's sound is maintained by the fact that they have managed to achieve their aim of capturing their focused live zap on a demo. The lurid The Wildhearts and underpinning of The Undertones number 'Malcontent', displays a popular ability to write about stuff that happens to you without sounding patronising or egotistical. A slower and Americana/alt folk intro to 'Living In Aceidema' builds up to crunching release of frustration in the catchy chorus. It also features reflective interludes to promote Black Jackson's ability to toy with emotions. This Bury born quartet is the sort of band that you want to be your own little secret, so that you can continue to watch them in compact settings that struggle to with-hold their cohesive passion.


David Adair

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