Review of Howl Single by Black Jackson

Black Jackson
3 Track Demo Review

Black Jackson Howl Single

This ranging Ali Kavali fronted, North West quartet thoughtfully does their utmost to capture their racing and compact live sound onto this three track demo, in order to save you having to run the gauntlet of the winter weather to feel the magic of live music every night this winter. 'Howl' is a racing indie/punk package that delivers a sound to match the rugged vibe of The Paddingtons. Kavali is on form and displays a reflective vocal stroll, building upon the hollow percussive lead and Americana laden instrumental intro in 'How Come It Doesn't Rain'. The track then transforms into a raw 80's rock stained release.

'Starting To Worry' paints a blues streak into a yearning, grinding percussion commencement to this crashing new wave blast. Urgency adds to the vibrancy of the sound and the slick production makes Black Jackson as close to the finished article, as William Gallas is as close to being a cheating, mercenary scumbag!

Rating; 9/10

David Adair

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