SIR RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH's wife is helping him cope with the grief of losing his daughter and granddaughter in the Indian Ocean tsunami - because they looked so much like her. Attenborough's daughter JANE, 49, and granddaughter LUCY, 15, were swept away when the deadly waves struck Phuket in Thailand, where they had spent Christmas 2004. Although still crippled with grief, the actor/director finds his wife SHEILA's presence eases his pain. The 82-year-old says, "My wife Sheila looks very much like Jane - or Jane looked very much like her mum. And the granddaughter looked very much like Jane. "So I and the rest of the children, the other grandchildren, now find Jane's loss personified in Sheila in half-measures. "And the relationship now between the grandchildren and Sheila, which was wonderful anyway, is that much more. So we have found there are ways for recalling Jane without total, total terror." Attenborough's daughter's mother-in-law JANE HOLLAND also died in the 26 December (04) tragedy.

20/06/2006 12:38