A Titanic Competition

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A Titanic Competition

A Titanic Competition
A Titanic Competition

In April The History Channel will be hosting a special programming event to mark the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.


Titanic: 90 years below: 21st May at 4.30pm

Titanic Tech: 21st May at 6pm

Titanic Beyond the Curse: 7pm

A Night To Remember Sunday 22nd May at 2pm...


As part of the event they have secured an amazing prize – the chance for one lucky viewer to win a once in a lifetime trip down to the ocean floor to see the wreck of HMS Titanic. Journeying down 12,500 ft on board a MIR submersible (just like in the films), the winner will become one of a tiny elite group who have ever dived to those depths. In addition it is proposed that their adventure becomes the subject of a History Channel film to be screened later in the year on The History Channel.

The eleven night trip to Newfoundland is for two people, although only one person will be able to go on the dive. The bulk of the time will be spent on board the Akademik Keldish – the Russian research vessel featured in the “Titanic” motion picture, and will include lectures, briefings and of course the extraordinary trip down to see the wreck. The value of the trip is £22,000.

Click here to win this incredible prize