Artists Waiver
The agreement you make with Contactmusic is not the same as a traditional record company deal, as we do not own your material. You keep all the rights to your music and are welcome to do exactly what you like with it at any time.

The reason you have to read and sign the Artists Agreement and Waiver is to confirm:

that you are the songwriter and owner of the music

that if you secure a record deal, the record company do not request any back pay for the times we

   have broadcast your music

that we can not be held responsible for any illegal sampling

You are not signing away any ownership of the music, or any rights to money made through sales of the music on our site although the contract may seem to say that is exactly what you are doing. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to e mail them to us at with "Agreement" in your subject line

You can print the following agreement from your browser:
Click here for a printer friendly version of the Artists Waiver