This Agreement is between Ltd ("Us") and (insert your Artist/Group name) ........................................................................... ("You"). It sets out the terms on which You will supply Us with your sound recordings as CDs, tapes or MP3's, ("Works"), for inclusion on our Internet service which makes recordings available to the public via the Internet and other media such as TV, radio and other cable and broadcast media.You grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide license to: use, reproduce, distribute, display, perform publicly, exhibit, broadcast or transmit the Works via our Service;copy the Works and issue, rent or lend copies to the public;make technical adaptations of the Works or change the format to meet different data standards, (i.e. convert to MP3).incorporate the Works within other works such as tables, charts, compilations and databases;use, reproduce and display any trade marks, service marks, trade names and likenesses for the purposes of promotion, marketing or merchandising.Where You do not already own or control Works and Marks, You shall obtain all releases, consents, assignments and licenses necessary to enable Us to make the fullest possible use of the Works and Marks.We shall upload the Works to the Service and upon your request we shall add and remove your Works. We may remove or suspend the Works from the Service without terminating this Agreement.You shall provide Us with all necessary cooperation, information, equipment, data and support that we may reasonably require for the provision of the service when we request it.We will pay You 100% of the net operating profit within 14 days of the first of each of February, May, August and November if the Revenue exceeds £20 (if it does not, we shall carry it forward to succeeding quarters until it does) with any balance due on termination payable within 14 days less any refunds, credits, charge backs or repayments; and (ii) any advances, sums payable to music collecting societies, sales tax, use tax, VAT or any other tax. (Please note: the percentage of the Revenue to which You are entitled shall be the same regardless of the medium through which our Service is provided.) Approximately £1.50 is deducted for the manufacturing of CDs, and for CDs over £3.99 a further £2.00 processing charge. The artist receives 100% of net operating profits after these deductions. We shall endeavour to do the best deals we can to keep these deductions to a minimum. The more users and hits we get the more flexibility we will have. Artists who all ready have CDs of sufficient amount and quality will allow us to distribute them with a processing charge of £2.00. On compilations the artist will be paid a pro rata proportion of the aggregate amount with the same deductions as above. We will make payments in the currency applicable to your location. The company reserves the right to make changes to prices from time to time without prior notice. If you are a member of a collecting society/societies (e.g. PRS, MCPS) you have stated this in the space provided at the end of this Agreement. If you join a collecting society in the period between signing this Agreement and termination of this Agreement you will inform us A.S.A.P.You warrant that:You own and control all rights of every type, for example, copyright, in the Works and Marks free from any claim of a third party;nothing done by Us in connection with the Works or Marks with your authority shall expose Us to any claim or proceeding, debt, fee or payment.You shall indemnify Us in respect of any loss we suffer (including our reasonable legal fees) as a result of your breach of the warranties and obligations contained in this Agreement.We reserve the right to terminate this Agreement at our discretion without cause and notice. You may terminate this Agreement by email to shall not be liable for:any delay in respect of uploading, updating, price changes, or payment; any loss, damage or claim in connection with this Agreement in tort, contract, negligence, copyright or otherwise and in particular, for any economic losses (including, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings);any loss of goodwill or reputation;any special, indirect or consequential losses whether or not such losses were contemplated at the date of this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement shall seek to limit or exclude our liability for loss arising from fraud, death or personal injury.This shall constitute the entire agreement between us. It shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and any disputes arising out of or connected with it or its subject matter shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.__ I/We have read and agree to be bound by this Agreement.__ We have disclosed our membership of any other collection societies.Date: __/__/____Signature:____________________________________________________