3rd Dan with support from Geiger (WA1 Bar, Warrington 07/10/05)

3rd Dan

Heart on sleeve rock with traces of emo was fired out with precision and passion to provide an honest and no artificial additives start to the evening. The piercing and harrowing opener 'Alone To Say', along with the personal follow up 'Ten Feet Small', underlined the lucid and longing vocals of Dan Harding. His style drew a line between Paul Rodgers and Josh Homme with bits of Trent Reznor appearing through the cracks. The endearing indie side of this outfit came out later on in the crisp; 'South Side Of Me' that helped along a well polished and heart rending half an hour from a powerful Warrington quartet.

Despite the modest crowd size, tonight's headliners 3RD Dan threw everything into an earnest post rock set that spilled over into elements of punk and even metal, as they let rip with abrasive bass lines and scything guitars. The careering opener; 'Coffee' was delivered with pride and belief, with the gruff and troubled vocals of lead man and keyboardist Rory Nellis, demonstrating the correct dose of gritty rawness and heartfelt power.

The band would often use slow and creepy musical interludes, akin to those that would often accompany an axe yielding maniac's ascent up the stairs to its prey, in an old fashioned horror film. This would provide perspective from the rambunctious and biting bits that would grab hold of you and stood out in; 'Guess I Wanted More' and 'Flux'. This Liverpool based quartet confronts life's contradictions and stands up to them with robustness. They produce entertaining numbers that grow out of the roots of their gripping post rock sound. 3rd Dan is ready strike and you would be advised to watch out.

David Adair

site - http://www.3rddan.co.uk