With the Olympic Torch set to come through 'Eastenders' own Walford Road this week, as Billy Mitchell is entrusted with the task of doing his part with the flame, it's clear that anticipation for the Olympics is now at fever pitch - but, of course, every good event needs a great sound track, the songs you can use for a montage of highlights, or a poignant track for when an athlete bows out of competition. The London Olympic Games Committee have entrusted some of the biggest artists in the UK to provide the sounds of the summer for their event, but how do they all fare? We thought we'd pick five of the biggest and try them out:

1. Muse - 'Survival'
Appearing on the official Olympic coverage as well as in stadiums and venues around the UK, Muse's 'Survival' is as ridiculously pompous as you'd expect from the trio, lead singer Matt Bellamy providing lyrics that are so unbelievably cheesy that you'd wish to discus throw them right back in his face if you didn't sense he had his tongue firmly in his cheek. Queen goes to the Olympics.

2. Chemical Brothers- 'Velodrome'
Another track that will be getting played constantly at the venues of the games is this ode to Kraftwerk by Brighton-based producers Chemical Brothers. With their focus on the cycling arena, the Chems have realised that the German group have already provided the ultimate tribute to the two-wheeled sport with their album 'Tour De France' and as such are merely paying homage with this retro-futurist techno number.

3. Delphic - 'Good Life'
This is Manchester group Delphic's first new material since 2009's breakthrough and the four-piece seem to be where they were previously, with a New Order inspired blend of guitars and electro, but this time everyone seems to have risen their voice an octave as the excitement builds before the games? Who knows, but this is a pulsating return from the Mancs nonetheless.

4. Mark Ronson and Katy B - 'Anywhere In The World'
The official song of Coca Cola's sponsorship of the games, break through sensation Katy B teams up with Mark Ronson - known for a pop hit or two himself - for this bass heavy assault on the ears. Unfortunately its huge production can't mask the contrasting tepidness of the song itself, sounding certainly the most dull of the tracks on offer here. Though maybe we should just be thankful Ronson hasn't tacked on any of his trademark brass.

5. Elbow - 'First Steps'
No one other than the band and the powers that be currently know what the full version of this sounds like, with so far only a clip of the song available on the trailer for the official BBC coverage of the event. Friday will tell us all though, with the group suggesting in the short clip made available that they won't be holding back on the grandiose. It promises to be epic.