Muse frontman MATT BELAMY would prefer to die by drowning when his eventual demise comes about, because it would be "calming". After the TIME IS RUNNING OUT singer had a near death experience when his band's plane caught fire on the runway in 2000, he admits he would like to depart the earth is a more relaxing way. Bellamy, 28, says, "If I had a choice of a way to go it would be drowning. I've heard it's quite relaxing. "Apparently there are a few seconds of panic when your lungs fill with water but once it's in there you just chill out. "You can sit on the bottom and go 'Hey this is cool' and gradually fall asleep. It sounds like a calm way to go - just floating around, it sounds a little bit trippy. "Who told me drowning was calming? Er, my mum did for some reason."