Muse are delighted to be the only rock band playing Glastonbury.

The Devonshire trio headline the world-famous UK music festival tonight (26.06.10) - the night before Motown legend Stevie Wonder - and admit they have sought the positive side to U2 having to pull out of their appearance yesterday (25.06.10), being replaced by Gorillaz.

Drummer Dominic Howard said: "We've ended up being the only rock band on the bill, which isn't so bad.

"The Glastonbury show will be different to the stadium shows we have been doing. We have two different set-ups, with the stadium events on a much grander scale but in a festival we do what we can with what's there."

The group love performing live and admit there is no better feeling than giving their all for fans.

Dominic added: "It's almost like an out-of-body experience. You are totally in the moment, feeling the song and drawing energy from the audience. It's bizarre."