Rockers Muse took inspiration from bassist Chris Wolstenholme's alcoholism battle for two tracks on their new album.
Wolstenholme came clean about his drink demons in 2010, revealing he decided to sober up after turning 30 and realising he was killing himself.
The 33 year old managed to beat his addiction with the help of a therapist, and has documented his struggle in two songs included on Muse's forthcoming release The 2nd Law.
He tells NME, "Both of those (songs') lyrics were written at that time when I'd stopped drinking. Liquid State was written about the person you become when you're intoxicated and how the two of them are having this fight inside of you and it tears you apart. Save Me was about having the family, the wife and kids and, despite all that crap that I've put them through, at the end of it you realise they're still there and they're the ones who pulled you through."
Wolstenholme believes witnessing his father's experience with alcohol abuse helped him come to terms with how severe his problem was.
He adds, "There was only two ways to go: die in a few years or stop. The same happened to my dad, he was 40 when he died. I'd just turned 30 and it was that realisation that if I go the same way I could be dead in 10 years. Ten years is not a long time."