Muse star Matt Bellamy is regularly targeted by security officers on flights to America because he was once thrown off a plane for making a "bad joke about a bomb".
The British rocker reveals he was once hauled off a jet and interrogated by airport officials after he made an unwise crack about terrorism.
And Bellamy is convinced he is marked for life by America's security services, because he is constantly quizzed by suspicious guards.
He tells Britain's Q magazine, "I was thrown off a plane. I got searched in quite a vigorous manner before getting on a plane to America and I made a bad joke about not having a bomb on me. Two home security officers took me off (the plane) and asked about my political views. I told them what they wanted to hear so I could get back on the plane.
"Quite often coming to the U.S. now I get red flagged, taken aside and asked about my political views. Don't make bad jokes on planes is the moral of the story."