IRV 'GOTTI' LORENZO will officially request to have his federal money laundering case severed from the murder and racketeering charges surrounding other defendants on Thursday (19MAY05).

The Murder Inc boss - along with his brother CHRISTOPHER - filed a separation motion through lawyer GERALD SHARGEL on 25 April (05), arguing that their trial would be tainted in light of their co-defendants, who include convicted drug lord KENNETH 'SUPREME' McGRIFF, reports MTV NEWS.

Attorney CAROLYN POKORNY opposed the severance motion, saying the Gottis garnered funds and safety from McGriff.

She wrote in her opposition letter, "Indeed, far from being harmed by McGriff's murderous reputation, the Lorenzos' alignment with McGriff afforded a level of protection.

"Would-be robbers and criminals who extort those in the music industry knew that if they targeted Murder Inc, its employees or executives, they would suffer retribution from the McGriff enterprise."

If the severance isn't granted, the trial will take place 17 October (05).

17/05/2005 02:47