British folk band Mumford & Sons turned to Arcade Fire's Win Butler for advice when they were asked to play at the Grammy Awards earlier this year (11) - because they feared they would come to regret the performance.
The Wake Up singer urged them to do it - and their big moment helped to propel album sales in the U.S.
Frontman Marcus Mumford says, "He (Butler) said, 'If you do it, just treat it as ridiculous'. But we didn't think we were ready."
The rockers later learned they would be playing with Bob Dylan on music's biggest night and the music icon increased their nerves by suggesting they change the arrangement of the song they would be teaming up on, Maggie's Farm, just before they hit the stage.
Mumford tells Spin magazine, "That was a definite 'Oh s**t' moment... Luckily, even members of his band were like, 'Come on boss, let's just leave it as it is.'"
The performance went without a hitch but Mumford is still not convinced it was a good idea to play at the Grammys.
He adds, "We like the road and we like the pub. We don't want celebrity.
"After, we went to the Scottish Highlands. The crowds were small. It was windy and there was rain. We were purged."