Mulholland Drive star Laura Harring is helping to feed the hungry in Africa, after travelling to one of the continent's poorest nations and clearing the way for food aid to arrive.
The actress and humanitarian recently joined officials from charity group Stop Hunger Now in Madagascar, where she met with politicians and paved the way for food packages to be delivered to the island.
She tells WENN, "It was a wonderful journey, a productive and eye-opening experience. We visited a refugee camp with over 2,000 refugees and inquired if they needed food, so we could possibly expand our feeding program there.
"Stop Hunger Now partners with various charities worldwide to deliver, in large crates, thousands of meals. El Salvador has benefited, Nicaragua and other countries as well. We are hoping to incorporate South Africa and Madagascar. Much to my delight, I was able to put together a meeting for Stop Hunger Now with the U.S. Ambassador of Madagascar, Niels Marquandt.
"They discussed the possibility of lowering the levies and high taxes on the food crates."
And she found the time to visit Aids orphans in South Africa too: "In Capetown, South Africa I was able to get the contact of a social worker, who runs an Aids children orphanage run by teenagers. I'm trying to see if Stop Hunger Now will follow up and partner with this orphanage, as I feel that an Aids orphanage run by teenagers would benefit."
But the trip was so gruelling, Harring fell ill, and it has taken her weeks to recover. She explains, "My immune system gave out."
But she isn't put off - and is busy planning future ventures for the charity, adding, "My future plans include visiting some of the orphanages in South America, who have already benefited from the feeding program, and perhaps helping them partner with a fashion designer to make a T-shirt for Stop Hunger Now, in which proceeds would go to the feeding program."